Become A Super Stockist

1) Do you have extensive experience & established network in the distribution of Consumer Goods?
2) Are you a driven individual or company with a solid market reputation and a track record of ethical business practice?
3) Do you have warehousing capabilities, and strong sales infrastructure to put Bharat products on retail shelves?
4) Do you have the financial soundness to run a very profitable distribution business?

If yes, then Bharat is looking for you.

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The Opportunity

Bharat, established in 1981, is looking to strengthen its distribution network by appointing 48 Super-stockists to its India network in 2010. Bharat offers the following strengths for Super-Stockists to capitalize on:

1) Reputed Brand with high-recall
2) Extensive Product range with lucrative margins
3) Highest Rate of Return on your initial investment
4) Fast moving consumer plastic goods
5) Consistent advertising & marketing support to generate strong consumer demand

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