Plastic Insulated Casseroles



Spill Proof Guarantee

Bharat Casseroles are guaranteed to be spill-proof; your food stays inside and never ends up on your clothes or bag. Our precision-engineered casseroles ensure that any liquids stay inside the casseroles.

Virgin Plastics Guarantee

Bharat products are made using the best materials & plastics. Bharat guarantees that our Casseroles are made out of virgin plastic polymers only, making them more durable and has a sheen that is unique only to virgin plastic polymers.

Virtually Odor Free

We used specialty plastics to create a product, which repels odors so that your casserole always smells like the day you first bought it. And your food smells just like it would when it left your home.

Locks in Health, Flavor, Freshness & Softness

To preserve in flavor, freshness & softness of food, Bharat Casseroles create the perfect airtight container, which locks in all the goodness of your foods while preventing spills while commuting. Even the Stainless Steel containers inside are precisely engineered to keep foods tightly sealed inside the containers. The result is food that tastes more softer, healthier & more flavorful.

Available SKUS:

Bharat Insulated Casseroles come in various sizes and design. The SKUS are as below:

  • 1200ML
  • 2500ML
  • 2000ML
  • Set of 3 Casseroles 800, 1000, 1200

This is a unique design where the Stainless Steel body of the casserole is detachable.