Insulated Water Jugs



Spill Proof Guarantee

Bharat Insulated Jugs are guaranteed to be spill-proof, your favorite drink stays inside and never ends up on your clothes or bag. Our precision engineered insulated jugs ensure that any liquids stay inside the bottles.

Virgin Plastics Guarantee

Bharat products are made using the best materials & plastics. Bharat guarantees that our Water Jugs are made out of virgin plastic polymers only, making them more durable and has a sheen that is unique only to virgin plastic polymers.

Easy to Wash and Stow Away

Bharat Insulated Jugs are designed to be easily washed & stowed away. It is non-odor absorbing making it ideal to be closed and simply stowed away until the next time you need to use it. It is dish-washer friendly and can be washed in hot or warm water.

Available SKUS:

Insulated Water Jugs come in two sizes. The SKUS are as below:

  • 4 Ltrs.
  • 6 Ltrs.